Application Process

    1. To register with the Little Explorers Montessori Plus School, please complete the online registration form 
    2. Book a Facility Tour if already in Ghana or a Skype Interview when abroad, to become more familiar with our school’s philosophy.
    3. After the Facility Tour/Skype Interview, it is advised to inform us as soon as possible of how you wish to proceed, as demand for places is high.
    4. We will try our best to accommodate all families to the best of our ability. Should there not be available seats in a specific term that a family wish to enroll for, the child or children will be offered a seat in the next term.
    5. Children will be conditionally admitted into the Little Explorers Montessori Plus School within the limits of the available spaces, according to the date of the reception of the registration form.
    6. At this point the parent will be officially offered a conditional seat and administrative and financial obligations will have to be fulfilled – Admission Fee 
    7. Upon completing and returning all administrative requirements and once Admission Fee is receipted, parents will be sent an invitation to the Orientation Day. 
    8. Within one week after the Orientation day Parents will be informed by email if the admission is successful and the first day will be communicated. New Student first days are computer generated based on the application date.
    9. On the child’s first day a termly tuition invoice will be issued and must be settled within 2 weeks. Payment Terms and Conditions


    • To register with Little Explorers Montessori Plus School, please complete the registration form and submit. 
    • If you are in the country, please book a Facility tour here. 
    • If you are abroad, please book a Skype interview with our principal, if you haven’t done so yet. 
    • We shall make arrangements to meet with your little one and based on the outcome of the meeting, we will offer a conditional space for the next available seat – Orientation day for new students.

Terms and Conditions

  • Vaccinations: 
    • Upon enrolling the child, parents will be required to provide a copy of the certificate of Vaccinations. Vaccinations need to be up to date. Infants will only be allowed to attend school if the Vaccination process has begun. 
  • Orientation Day for New Students: 
      • Students are invited to an Orientation Day – The child spends at least 30 minutes in the school environment with their parents before they can officially start in order to determine based on a short assessment his/her readiness for LEMP School criteria:
        -Math & Literacy Levels
        -Ability to communicate verbally clearly and in a form of communication
        -Shows no unusual coping mechanisms
      • The child’s First day will be communicated to parents by email after the Orientation day within one week.
        New Student first days are computer generated based on the application date.
      • If further assessment is needed parents will be informed by email or a meeting will be scheduled, specialist advice is to be sought before school can undertake a second assessment. From this point on the school reserves the right to take up to two weeks to complete this process which may result in the
        withdrawal of the offered seat. Specialist reports to be submitted to the school before the second assessment with the school.
      • The first days for new students can be between one and two weeks after the official start of term to allow prior students to settle and give your child to opportunity to a smooth transition in his/her new school.


Admission Fee for New Students – Non-Refundable
An Admission fee per child shall be paid on acceptance of the offered seat. A seat is not considered reserved until this payment is officially receipted. The fee is non-refundable.

Termly School Tuition Fees:

Morning Session – From 14 Months:
7:30a.m – 1:00p.m

Full Day Session – From 2 ½ + years:
7:30p.m – 3:30p.m
(To note the full day session is only open to children from 2 ½ + years old that are capable of handling the full day session hours without napping. )

There are 3 terms in the scholastic year.
1st Term – September – December
2nd Term – January – March
3rd Term – April – June

To note LEMP is offering a 5% discount to parents/sponsors who pay annual tuition fees up front.

Retainer Fee for all returning students:
At the beginning of April term, a non- refundable reservation fee is requested along with the third term invoice.This fee serves as a guarantee of your child’s seat for the next scholastic year.

The fee is credited against a September full term tuition fee only. The retainer fee is not refundable if cancellation howsoever cancelled is given after acceptance of the offered seat.

Leave of Absence:
LEMP needs to be notified at least one month before the start of a term in which case the leave of absence will apply.

Should LEMP not be notified at least one month before the start of a term the full term fees are applicable.

For a child that will attend LEMP for more than half a term or needs the flexibility to attend whenever they want to – Full Term fees are applicable.

For a child that will not attend LEMP for the entire term – A non-refundable retainer fee  is requested to reserve your child’s seat. This fee is payable for each term the child does not attend.

For a child that will attend LEMP for half of the term or less – A discounted amount is due for Morning session/Full Day session.

A Half term is considered as any date the child will attend up to the mid-term break in a specific term or any date the child will start to attend after the mid-term break.

If  you wish not to pay this retainer, a seat is not guaranteed upon your return. A new application would need to be submitted and the admission fee will be applicable.

Payment Methods:
We accept payments by company cheque, direct deposit, online, or an EFT into the School’s account, details of which are found on the invoice.

We strongly advise parents and sponsors to provide copies of deposit slips or transfer authorisations to the Finance office to help us identify your payment when it arrives at our bank, receipts will only be issued once the once the payment reflects in our bank account. All payments must include the full name of the student as a reference.

Payment Terms and Conditions:
Termly invoices are issued on the first day of the term and must be settled within two weeks.

Late Payment Penalty: In the event of delayed payment a surcharge of 20% will apply. These amended fees are payable within one week.

If you wish to withdraw your child from the school or change from full day session to morning session, a full terms notice in writing must reach the school administrator by the first day of the child’s last term or a term’s fees in lieu will be required.

*Fee structure may be reviewed annually notice of a reasonable increment will be given a term ahead. Please note that all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.