We are thrilled to announce a brand new optional program for our children – The Enhanced Tutoring Program (ETP)! This program will begin on January 30th, 2022!


Our parents can now choose additional enhanced educational experiences for their child at a competitive rate. This tailor-made approach allows us to offer specialized Music, Dance and Language classes for our community. Our staff will chaperone while specialty teachers offer private or small group lessons in a variety of subjects. There is a wide array of cognitive and physical benefits that come from engaging in such extra-curricular activities from a young age including improved sense of discipline and confidence, resilience, strong coordination and enhanced communication skills.

These lessons will take place one-on-one or in small group settings so that each child is given the necessary support and attention. Classes are all 30 minute sessions and will take place during the morning portion of the school day.

*Music Reading is a musical session for those under the age of 4, who are not yet able to participate in the instrument sessions. Here, they will learn how to read music, recognise notes and form a love for music! This will prepare them to begin learning an instrument the following year.

**Mandarin Montessori is Mandarin classes taught using the Montessori Method.

We suggest that parents choose no more than two subject areas per term to ensure that their child’s school day remains balanced. 

Covid-19 Protocol 

All usual LEMP Covid-19 Protocol will be strictly observed. If children within a small group session come from different bubbles, they will be socially distanced. Additionally, all instructors are double vaccinated, will maintain social distance and will be wearing masks throughout all sessions.