A Word From Our Founder

Little Explorers was born from a wish to protect childhood, from a deep respect for the intelligence and potential of the very young.

For all of us at LEMP, each new day is full of possibilities…Who knows what will happen today?

In this special place, we celebrate the joy of learning. We are surrounded by unique personalities, dedicated teachers and excited students. We are a school where differences are admired, and similarities unite.

As you walk through Campus, you are struck by the rich offerings and the children’s activities. At Little Explorers, the children learn through movement and interaction with knowledge.

At School, we live a Montessori life….our Core Values lead all our actions. Teachers and students live together in a united understanding of these values. The children often remind the adults on Campus about them.

First and foremost, we are “Citizens of the World”; our Campus belongs to children from 30 and more nations who speak 12 languages. Most of us are bilingual and all of us are passionate about the world’s languages, heritage and cultures.

We focus much on the word “Citizen”; we learn as much as possible about the beautiful aspects of our world and how we can maintain them well : Our health, Our loved ones, Our community, Our world, and Our Universe.

We learn about comportment and the behaviour expected from a “Citizen of theWorld”.

Our focus is also on our Emotional Development and how that will benefit the quality of our lives and that of others. We learn that we are capable and that when we give of ourselves, we make a difference in our world!
We learn that we are responsible for maintaining the world we live in. We should revel in its offerings and preserve them for others to enjoy also. We learn we are part of a vast Global family and that we can care for and who can care for us.

We learn to lead and follow from a well-informed and knowledgeable perspective. We learn to follow those who are more knowledgeable, respect their intelligence, and learn from it.
Here at LEMP, we constantly grow into new and unique versions of ourselves.
Every day at LEMP, we rejoice in a new and more unique version of ourselves.

Kind regards,

LEMP Founder
Kamilla Kirpalani

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Ohemeng Family

One of the best decisions we made was to bring our daughter to Little Explorers Montessori Plus. We joined this community when Kayla was 18 months old, she’s now 6 years old and we are still happy to be here. The learning experience is phenomenal. LEMP is a home away from home…