Our Days At School

Every Wednesday, our school reverberates with the sound of West African drumming and song.
Each person on Campus taps, shakes and sways to the mesmerizing sound and flavour it brings.

The centre of Campus turns into a dance floor and anyone drawn to dance moves toward the music to follow others of all ages in set steps or simply make up some of their own.

Children and adults both drum and dance as the urge draws them.

To celebrate Ghana’s Independence Day, we invited our parents to join us and feel the true spirit of our beautiful country through music and dance.

Thank you, Ghana, for making the life of the LEMP community so joyous!

Ayekoo, Ghana!



The Gambrah Family

Our son Samori, who just turned 6, has learnt practical life skills as part of the Montessori principles at LEMP, which he uses daily at home. He’s able to clean his plates and eating area after a meal. The cookery lessons they have as part of their after school program has helped improve Samori’s knife skills…