Eunice Kortey

What I do in Montessori

Vice-Principal Infant Toddler Program of Little Explorers Montessori Plus School, Accra, Ghana.

What Montessori means to me

To me, Montessori is the way we should live. It forms the basis of the essentials we need to make our world a better place. In my opinion, it is a solid foundation given to a child, which will place him/her on a platform which will set him/her on a forward motion for life.

What I love most about what I do

I enjoy spending time with the children in the school, and observing how the various aspects of the Montessori system make them bloom.

Three words that describe me

Thorough, practical, observer

Favourite Quote from Maria Montessori

“This office of being the “guardian angel” of minds concentrated on work that will improve them is one of the most solemn duties of the teacher.”