The Child Relief Fund

Hello everyone,

My name is Kamilla Kirpalani and I am the Founder of Little Explorers Montessori Plus. I have  been an educator for young children for 25 years and counting.


Throughout my 26 years living in Ghana, I have dedicated myself to the charitable purpose of helping young children and their families across the country. In recent years, trusted friends and experts in pediatric care have reached out to me seeking help in the form of support and funds for children who are in extreme pain but cannot afford medical attention.


As time went on, more and more heard that I am willing to help and the sheer number of cases of young children brought to local hospitals in unimaginable pain, often with unstable vitals, remained astronomical.


The parents love their child so much, but they could not afford emergency treatment. In this situation, the family may leave the hospital in despair and the little one seriously ill and in agonizing pain.


It was then that Little Explorers Montessori Plus began to help these families. I am proud to introduce “The Child Relief Fund”, a community centered fundraiser for emergency care where young children are in critical pain.


Thank you all for taking the time to read this; I know that we can make a difference together.




Kamilla Kirpalani

LEMP, Ghana

Contact +233 24 231 0225

Little Explorers Book Trust


Dedicated to Mrs. Mona Kirpalani, a dedicated mother who believed in the power of education for all children.

The History

The West Africa Montessori Association was established in 2010 by Kamilla Kirpalani and Karine McVeigh to discuss and debate the application of Early Childhood and the Montessori system in Africa. Many of our LEMP Montessori teachers are involved in Community services across the country, and have noticed that many Public Libraries do not have enough books for emerging readers. People of all ages are learning to read, but many of the books in the library are not at the level that inspires enough confidence for them to practice.

In September 2016, the WAMA Book Trust was established with the purpose of setting up an “Emergent reader program”. We have joined hands with several public libraries to set up sections for “Emergent readers” and train their volunteers to help our reading enthusiasts along.

We encourage everyone who have books that your little ones have outgrown, to drop them off at our library which has a donation depot.