The safety of our Staff body and families is of paramount importance. The current Pandemic required preparations that would allow our children to have a wholesome school experience while enacting as many protective protocols as possible.

To do this, we have :


  • Reduced eenrolment per class to a count appropriate and limited based on the current COVID-19 situation in Ghana.  


  • We are operating the school in protective ‘bubbles’. A bubble is a small group of people who spend their time together at school or a small version of each class. Each Bubble does its activities, learn, create, play and eat together. You can think of it as a team. 


  • There are 6 students per bubble at present, this will be amended as Management continues to monitor and evaluate the situation in Ghana. The groups of 6 and their assigned teachers operate in their ‘bubble’ and stay in their own indoor and outdoor space.  They do not interact with other groups of children or teachers in other ‘bubbles.’  


  • Each section has different drop-off and pick-up timings. Each section has a separate entrance and exit in order to operate as a ‘bubble’. 


  • We cannot guarantee social distancing with pre-schoolers as this is against their nature. Although all staff will do their utmost to encourage social distancing, this cannot be enforced. However, we have arranged for learning spaces to promote social distancing protocols and for class size to be significantly reduced. 


  • The school will strictly adhere to the ‘no mask, no entry’ policy for any adult or student entering the school premises. Masks are compulsory for all students in common areas, especially when arriving for or departing from their Bubble. 


  • ID Tag/Car Pass protocol will be firmly enforced during drop-off and pick-up. 


  • Presently all parents and carers have limited access to the campus. As parents or carers, you will be asked to follow set guidelines outside during drop-off and pick-up.



  • Staff will be required to wear masks and aprons, and you may need to explain this to your child before they begin school. We will also be sharing a video to orient your child before their first day. 


  • Parents are expected to pre-screen their child every morning using the Home Screening Questionnaire Form A1.2 to assess if their child is fit for school. If your child has a temperature, sore throat or any other symptoms that may be infectious, please do not send them to school. Additionally, please do not give your child any medication that may mask or reduce the presence of a symptom.  


  • The Nurse completes a temperature check for each member of staff and child on arrival, and twice after that during the day.  


  • Strict sanitation measures are implemented daily. Each ‘bubble’ has a team member that has been assigned to only focus on sanitation within their section. 


  • All shows and sport’s days have been cancelled until further notice, subject to COVID-19 status. 


During this time the Principal will be in touch with all families affected by the Amber Alert daily by WhatsApp to provide as much support as possible within the school’s capacity. We expect all members to be forthcoming with information about the health of the household during this time. After all, we are one community.  


During this time, it is suggested, but not mandatory, that all families partake in the daily VLE using the Concrete Learning Materials in the LEMP Montessori Box. 


  • LEMP community must comply with all mandated COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols, failure to adhere to these protocols will be denied entry with the option to continue online learning. 


  • Parents must sign a school-issued waiver to indicate clear understanding and agreement of the circumstances. 


  • The COVID-19 protocol and the school’s enrolment capacity will be subject to adjustments as Management continues to monitor and evaluate the situation in Ghana.