Your child and global awareness today

Most children today are born into a world much smaller than the one known to most adults. Facebook, Internet search engines, Instagram and other online communication has put other people and their countries at the fingertips of our youth.

Knowledge of such matters was revealed to past generations through gradual travel and educative preparation. Time was taken to understand what we were looking at and why it is important. Therefore although not as broad, understanding of such matters was deeper.

So which generation knows and appreciates the diversity of our beautiful world better?

It could be the current one if we play our cards right, they could benefit from both the human and technological experiences if we help, here are just a few things we can do…..

Establish a clear sense on own identity:

When we visit other countries and meet other people we see them for who they are, whereas, glossy screens and pictures show us prepared or selected versions of what we look at. Should that your child main form of information, they may not find their own environment less fascinating and feel the urge to swap. It is critical that a child has a clear sense of belonging to his/her own culture long before understanding that of the world. The practical usage of mother tongue, traditional practice and family values gives the personality strong self-esteem.

Establishing respect for everyone:

Children are naturally drawn to the different appearance of human beings, their behavior and how they speak. They are curious and often ask questions that may seem to us a little invasive or too direct. This may be a little embarrassing at times, however, it is better to take the learning opportunity here to explain both the differences and similarities in us as people. When they see you treat anyone and everyone with respect and admiration, they will too.

Establish hands on understanding of other cultures, values and traditions:
The people around you can have a great impact on your child. Celebrating Diwali, Eid El-Adha, Chanukah and lots more can all be possible through friends around you. Everyone is honored to share their culture and are touched when asked to join in tasting diverse flavors, admiring traditional clothing and listening to authentic music which results in a culturally sensitive family.

Establish strong understanding of general knowledge at home:

Children love narrative stories no matter how old they are. Reading about the most bizarre animals of the Amazon jungle, researching the tallest building in the world together, discussing adventures you have been on, all will open your child’s eyes to the fact that our world is a beautiful and unique place.

A trip around the world from your own living room sounds like fun, right?