The Gambrah Family

The Gambrah Family


Our family has been part of the Little Explorers Montessori Plus community since January 2019 and its been one of the best decisions ever. 

Our son Samori, who just turned 6, has learnt practical life skills as part of the Montessori principles at LEMP, which he uses daily at home. He’s able to clean his plates and eating area after a meal. The cookery lessons they have as part of their after school program has helped improve Samori’s knife skills. They are also taught social skills, which is important in making them well-rounded individuals. There are numerous after school activities the children are involved in like zumba, yoga, drumming and dancing, swimming, etc.

The teachers are highly trained and are always available to speak with you about the progress of your child. The facilities on campus are top notch, from the auditorium, classrooms, pool, an amazing playground etc.  And not forgetting the high quality learning aids and resources used. You are also met with warmth during drop off from the smiles, greetings, and happy birthday songs during birthdays to name a few. We especially enjoyed the forums, sports day and parents night out.  Those were always fun ways to meet and engage with

 fellow parents.

The plan was for Hendrix; our youngest son to join his brother at LEMP but sadly, the time has come for us to move on to the next chapter. We will dearly miss LEMP. 


On behalf of the Gambrah family, we want to say a big thank you to the entire staff at LEMP.

Jean Filson

Samori’s Mom