We are excited to launch the Cheeky Monkey Saturday Camp at the LEMP Campus!


Cheeky Monkey is a child-centred organisation focused on providing meaningful and engaging activities to children aged 3 to age 7 on the LEMP Campus. Cheeky Monkey provides enrichment programs on Saturdays during term-time and holiday camps during school breaks throughout the year. 

LEMP strives continuously to bring world class offerings to children and sees early education as being key to accelerated potential. The STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) program offered through this camp is wonderful for the development of critical and creative thinking. LEMP sees the Saturday Camp as a strong supplement to the school curriculum we offer daily at school. 


What has STEAM got to do with it? 

The STEAM program forms the backbone of the Saturday Camp. Inspired by generations of inventors, innovators and leaders, we encourage children to question like scientists, design like architects, build like engineers, create like artists, deduce like mathematicians and still play as children should! Using inquiry-based facilitation, we create opportunities for children to learn about the world through STEAM lenses. Our Saturday Camp programs reinforce and improve children’s reasoning, creativity, problem-solving, language and communication skills. 


Full STEAM ahead!

How it works:

STEAM camp will run from 9 am to 12 noon (sharp) every Saturday. If you are opting for the swimming lessons, camp will run until 1pm. Your child needs sports clothing, sports shoes, 2 masks and a sunhat to be prepared for the dynamic day ahead. Please also make sure they have swimsuit, pair of goggles, towel and a pair of slippers if they will be swimming. A cold snack and 2 water bottles will be needed for fuel (no nuts please)!

Our instructors:

Each instructor is experienced and loves working with children. They are trained and qualified to teach their individual programs and bear the appropriate clearances required to work with children.  

Our curricula:

We invest highly in our various curricula to ensure all aspects cover the cognitive, socioemotional and physical development stages of children. The curricula is highly adaptable to ensure that the children are stimulated and challenged! 


Programs on offer for January 2022 

Saturday STEAM Camp 

(Little one needs to be confidently out of diapers)


1. Monkeynastix (3+)

This is a fun, holistic movement education programme for children above the age of 3. It develops health, fitness and social integration and contributes towards physical, cognitive and psychological well-being. Each week a qualified instructor will come to Saturday Camp to run one fun-filled session. Sessions consist of a warm-up, a main ativity and a fun ending activity. (http://www.monkeynastix.international/Index.aspx) 


2.  Code World: Little Bytes (3+)

Our Little Bytes coding program is intended to introduce and spark a lifelong interest in coding at a young age. By using physical manipulatives before moving on to online/computational concepts, coders become accustomed to concepts such as conditions, events, loops and debugging, all of which are critical in their coding journey ahead. The lessons also teach and encourage early STEM skills, collaboration with others, exploration of different problem-solving techniques and persistence in the face of difficult tasks. We combine a host of coding tools and robots such as Cubetto and Scratch Jnr (via tablets) to teach these hands-on classes. 


3.  Brick City Engineers (3+)

Brick City Engineers Club is devoted to providing an extraordinary, hands-on atmosphere for children. We learn, build and play with bricks such as Lego, K’Nex and magnetic tiles using proprietary lesson plans inspired by engineers and architects. Brick City is imaginative, multi-sensory and fun, creating a dynamic learning experience for campers. 


4.  Nutty Scientists (3+)

Nutty Scientists sessions consist of one hour, child-sized science-based activities for curious kids! Children get to discover and role-play different scientists each week with the super-duper Dr. Nutty. Nutty Scientists get a head-start with science and math skills such as patterning, sorting, estimating, collecting, matching, comparing and observing whilst using science equipment & following directions. These sessions also help children to build a solid learning base in chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, life-sciences, geology, engineering and more. 


5.  Canvas Kids (3+)

Our Canvas Kids arts and crafts program is designed to turn basic household items into works of art. The world is really their canvas! Campers create through different mediums and with a range of materials inspired by their own creativity. Each arts and crafts session is full of so much fun and excitement.   

Saturday Camp Fees and Schedule 

Cheeky Monkey is also offering families to opt into swimming lessons with qualified instructors for an additional cost that will run on Saturdays alongside the STEAM Saturday Camp. This is not the same as the ASP swimming lessons that will carry on as usual if your child is enrolled in the LEMP Full Day Program.