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Why Montessori?


There is no ‘right’ way to educate our youth. Nowadays, parents have a myriad of options at their fingertips. For this reason, I often get asked: “why Montessori?”. The Montessori Method offers a well-researched, compassionate and thoughtful approach to early education. It prioritises the individual child above all, and its values closely align with LEMP’s. There are three main answers I can give to that all important question:

  1. The Montessori Method helps to enhance socio-emotional skills.

A Montessori classroom operates like a community. Children are able to understand how to navigate and subsequently negotiate with their peers as they have to share use of learning materials, cooperate on tasks very regularly and take communal responsibility for the shared classroom property. Without the continuous intervention of adults, as is common in other teaching methods, children learn the courtesies of social life. Furthermore, Montessori does not use rewards and punishments as a tool. Instead, natural consequences are enforced. For example, if you make a mess, you will not be scolded for the mess. Rather, you are responsible for cleaning up that mess. As a result, children gain a sense of responsibility early and this builds on their motivation and consideration.


  1. The Montessori Method encourages independence and a strong sense of self.

Independence is the cornerstone of the Montessori Method. Little ones are offered a significant degree of freedom, within the limits of what is safe. This increased freedom to engage in activities that they find interesting births a love for learning that will enrich them for years to come. Furthermore, self-correction is the main method of discipline. Children are far more in tune with what is ‘right’ or ‘correct’ than teachers often give them credit for. With a little bit of time and encouragement, children are able to correct themselves. In addition, self-assessment is a key part of Montessori. Teaching little ones to be introspective about their own education will carry them far. The Montessori Method’s insistence on self-governance is key to answering the question: “why Montessori?”. 


  1. The Montessori Method allows for each child to develop at their own pace. 

Development and learning in one’s early years are not linear and not consistent across all children who are in the same age group. The Montessori Method allows each child to challenge themselves with different activities at different skill levels. This allows for a much more customizable educational experience than the ‘one size fits all’ rhetoric that is promoted in traditional education systems. By doing this, children build confidence and nurture their self-esteem. This is critical to their sentiment about school. 


Why Montessori? Because it is child-centered. 


Kamilla Kirpalani

LEMP Founder