The Montessori Infant Nido

A Home Nanny may accompany the little one
(Full Covid 19 Vaccination required)


In the LEMP infant Nido program, our children are between 8 months and 16 months old (as soon as the little one is sitting up, and until able to walk). Our dedicated infant Montessori-trained teachers can work alongside your home nanny, if you so choose, to nurture your child in a beautiful, safe and orderly space with materials carefully curated for their educational purpose and sensory qualities.

The first years of life are an extraordinary period of cognitive and emotional growth, brain development and language acquisition – they are critical for children’s optimal development. Our infant Montessori-trained teachers form close bonds with the children, nurturing language formation and self-awareness through freedom of movement and exploration. With the support of our brilliant teachers, your child will establish a strong sense of security and autonomy and lay a foundation for lifelong learning.

Our Montessori curriculum provides infants with a safe, rich world full of opportunities for active discovery through hearing, touching and moving. The LEMP environment is full of stimulation including conversations, books, songs and world-class equipment that your child can interact with. This creates the optimal opportunity to engage emerging physical, sensorial, perceptual, cognitive and social skills.

Our program is designed for comprehensive, individualized development at the child’s natural pace. Caring and learning are inseparable. Primary caregivers provide ‘on demand’ care in an environment that maximizes mobility and learning. 



As part of enrollment in the Nido program, LEMP is offering optional FREE training for your infant’s nanny every Friday afternoon from 2 pm to 4 pm. This training will involve lectures and active practice on various topics. A synopsis of the workshop will be sent home to you every week so that you can follow along! Topics will repeat throughout the term. 


When: Fridays
Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The workshops will cover the following topics:

  • An Introduction to Montessori Philosophy
  • Child Development
  • Planning the Environment and Safety
  • Child Care and Nutrition
  • Developing Independence
  • Learning Through the Senses
  • Stimulation of Language
  • Stimulation of the Mathematical Mind
  • Learning about the World Around Us.
  • Infant Art