Montessori French Language

The perfect moment for children to acquire language is during the ‘sensitive period’ of development, from birth until around six years of age. In a Montessori classroom, children acquire spoken language by relating the words they hear, to the work they are doing with their teachers, or in small groups.

Living language is a part of their daily life; they are able to register and absorb sounds, then repeat words with a perfect accent, as in singing a song. All Montessori equipment has been specially created by LEMP to be used as easily in French. In this way all areas of the curriculum is absorbed in two languages.

In each of our classrooms there are two teachers, one always speaks French, and one always speaks English. This time-tested bilingual formula is unique, and creates an ideal dual language environment for learning. Many of our international children become comfortable communicating in a third, or even fourth language.

The French alphabet is taught in cursive writing, the children learn to write and then read in either English or French. We ask our parents to make this decision before their child turns three.

The children, currently representing over 42 different nationalities, relate and respond effortlessly to each other, and their teachers, in all disciplines.