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Our Philosophy

We believe in the unlimited potential of each unique child and his / her inborn desire to constantly improve him/herself. We consider ourselves honored to contribute to the building of happy, secure, confident and all-rounded personalities.


What are the origins of the Montessori Plus Philosophy?

Dr. Maria Montessori, the first female medical student and, later, doctor in Italy conducted years of research through working with young children. She dedicated her life to understanding the manner in which children process information. This led her to create pieces of equipment which, together with a revolutionary methodology formed a complete and holistic method of Early Years Education. She was one of the main pioneers to discover and implement the aspects of Early Years Education we take for granted today.

The ‘Montessori Plus’ system emerged in Indonesia in the nineties, where qualified and passionate Montessorians were faced with the difficulty of preparing their wards for the challenges of traditional primary schools.

Although it was obvious that the Montessori child had all the attributes of a joyful and resourceful learner, he/she was accustomed to a minimal amount of teacher –led tasks.

The first few weeks at any “big school” is unnerving: a new environment; new friends, new teachers AND in most schools: a very different system.

At Primary level, he/she is expected to participate, in varying degrees, in teacher –led tasks at the time when he/she is requested to.

It is this consideration that led to the birth of the ‘Montessori Plus’ system. It is simply a ‘happy medium’ created through much research. It is a dynamic system that takes into account the holistic child, his/her carers and his/her school environment to ensure that the child explores his/her full potential in the most enjoyable and effective way.

Components of the Montessori System Plus

The Prepared Environment

This encompasses both indoor and outdoor areas, where all components must be useful, child- sized, child-appropriate, safe, instructive and attractive.

The order and the predictability of the prepared environment allows the child to feel secure and explore his/her full potential.


The Child

The classes in the Montessori Plus system are divided in the following way:

The Blue Dolphins (Approximately 1 year 3 months -2 years)

The Yellow Starfish & Pink Jellyfish (Approximately 2 years - 2 years and 8 months)

The Purple Butterflies & Caterpillars / Green Frogs & Tadpoles (Approximately 4 years)

The Orange Lions (Approximately 4 years - 6 years and 6 months)

Dr Montessori insisted that every child is born with an unlimited potential and will to learn; what is learnt would only depend on how much or how little he/she is exposed to. Activities specifically designed around your child's interests will be used as a platform for continuous challenge and discovery. The Montessori system insists upon positive attitudes. Your child will be positively guided towards independence and self-discipline. Freedom of choice and movement will combine with reasonable ground rules so as to ensure safety and respect for others.

As part of our open door policy:

Our parents have full access to their little ones during school hours.

The Teachers

The Montessori Plus teacher must have a great respect for the unlimited potential of each child. It is not her place to instruct but simply to constantly prepare and provide an environment of informative and challenging activities. These will be carried out under the scrutiny of the teacher in order to allow constant progress. This gives us the opportunity to monitor your child’s progress intimately. Our school is well aware of grade school skill requirements and prepares your child for them.


The Time Structure

In the Montessori curriculum the child has a three-hour work period in which he/she may choose times of concentration and rest. The Little Explorers Montessori Plus system offers a more structured schedule with set outdoor and indoor time. Activities will be carried out under the scrutiny of the teacher in order to allow constant monitoring and challenge.

We also have a set time for snack and out-door playtime.


Bilingual Environment

Each classroom has teaching staff who speak only French throughout the day and others who speak only English. Both Languages programmes are presented as First or second Languages according to the individual needs of your child. Your child will spend portions of his day communicating both in French and in English. Parents are requested to choose which language they would like the child to read and write in first.


Special Activities

Our school aims to remain abreast of current teaching techniques and research; this is reflected all through our curriculum. Our ‘specials’ are entire curriculum programs in themselves. Even though they may not be part of the mainstream Montessori curriculum, they certainly reflect its teachings: Yoga, Environmental studies, Music and Movement, Interactive story-Telling, Physical Education and Gustatory,Tactile and Olfactory activities.


Celebration of our World Diversity

The Montessori Plus system invites our school community to explore diversity and the richness of our world’s cultures. The celebration of major festivals is both a joyous and exciting part of the curriculum.




Parental involvement

Our parents have full access to their little ones during school hours.

Parental involvement in both curricular and extra-curricular activity is actively encouraged. Parents and Teachers support and collaborate with one another as partners in guiding pupils to reach their full potential at the different stages of their development.

There are many areas of school life which would be impossible without the involvement of parents….. Classroom activities, potty-training, sports day and school tours. We never refuse your time --- indeed we will often ask for your help on both a regular and occasional basis. The Staff is most grateful for all the input received from parents.

A School Newsletter is circulated using the children’s school-bag from time to time. This will update school information and list forthcoming events and activities in the school.

All recyclable items such as empty containers, T-roll tubes, news papers, magazine, silver foil, etc… are very welcome and will help us in our art projects. When we hold special events such as shows, sports days, parental meetings we look forward to seeing you.

How does the Montessori Plus Prepared Environment differ from other Early Learning environments?

Dr. Montessori placed tremendous emphasis on this aspect of the method; it is important to note the word ‘prepared’ as this defines simply its characteristics. Each component in our classrooms is designed to let your child probe and discover information. Learning becomes a great adventure. The classroom is organized by subject matter; and your child is free to move around the room, and to work on a piece of material of his choice.

This promotes: Freedom of choice in a room filled with productive activity (everything in the Learning Areas is appropriate and beneficial to him/her). Freedom to decide where to work (our classrooms are equipped with ample table and floor-mat work space). Freedom to nurture his/her immediate curiosity. (All materials and furniture are child-size, child appropriate and accessible in our Learning Areas). Steady increase in the ability to concentrate for longer periods through genuine interest. Freedom to experiment (with great respect for the care of his/her room and its contents).


How does Montessori Plus Environment nurture your child's personality?

Dr. Montessori called this “Cosmic development”. Until the age of six, your child is drawing the blueprint of his personality. The abilities, both physical and mental are all embedded. Although skills can still be acquired after the age of six, it is with great effort. It is therefore essential that everything your child is exposed to is correct, orderly and rich in knowledge.

In our classrooms, your child lives in a very natural environment. He/she is taught to respect everyone and everything by being in charge of its maintenance. He/she is reminded that all choices are his/hers and therefore must be made wisely. Watching the adults in our school environment is a strong example for the children of how to comport oneself with dignity, how to handle conflict correctly, how to understand and empathize with those around you. Your child is given responsibility, independence and an abundant amount of praise and encouragement.



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