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Futures for Kids                                                                         

Little Explorers Montessori Plus School is continuously striving to make education a given or granted right in the life of all children. Our school has worked closely with a newly constituted Charity whose goal is to give the means to needy children to attend school in the Northern districts of Ghana.

With our collaboration Futures For Kids has been able to link another Non Governmental Organisation Afrikids with the North American Women Association to obtain a grant for their amazing programme that take children out of child labour and put them through school or apprenticeship creating Children’s Rights Clubs.

Little Explorers has also volunteered time at various events to raise awareness among the public about the plight of needy children and Futures for Kids numerous projects. Please see the Newsletter as an update.

Our Donations

JUNE 2012: As part of our passionate interest in the social and emotional development of our pupils, we involve them in opportunities to help the under-privileged around them. In June, 2012, our parents and well-wishers made a generous donation to the pupils of Notre Dame De Nazareth Orphanage. Our Cheetahs, Lions, Frogs and Butterflies, sorted and packed the items they believed to be of use to children just like them.

This drive for items in good condition but of no immediate use is done twice during the school year. Once at Christmas and once at the end of June. Please do feel free to drop off any items you feel would qualify.

Our young ones understand that many children do go without items due to financial constraints, and are keen and enthusiastic to help.

DECEMBER 2012: Our big donation this December was to the pupils of Beacon Community School at Zorbisi in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Beacon Community School provides grounding for students to begin nursery in the local town (including lessons in English, reading and writing, basic mathematics, sports, art and health). In order to make Beacon Community School a comfortable and fun educational institution, we donated items such as slides, see saws, toys, puzzles, books and clothes to the school. We do hope that our donated items will help build the school into a beautiful educational institution.

W.A.M.A. Newsflash

Do you know that the West African Montessori Association (WAMA) is still growing stronger and stronger? WAMA held its fourth General Meeting on the 26th of November 2012 and it was extremely educational. The General Meeting was massively attended by all and sundry - teachers, psychologists, consultants, proprietress and many more. All attending members were enthralled by the information delivered by the eloquent and knowledgeable Speech and Language therapist, and walked away with an armful of information.

And guess what? Total membership of the Association stands at 54! Hurray! Want to know what benefits to obtain from being a member? Just click here: membership information.

To become a member, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

WAMA – the best platform for Montessorians.




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