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Our Outreach Program
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Senna Punjabi

Sahil Kirpalani



Article on Activated School (family outreach program)



A man named Mr. Emmanuel started an organization called Activated school in East Legon in 2000. He is an educator, trained in India who decided to bring his knowledge back to his home country of Ghana, to give back to the community. He said him starting this school, and giving up so much in his life for the children was a “calling from God, as he experienced the same thing as a child.” The children who go to this school are ‘underprivileged’ as most are without a family, and without basic education. Activated School aims to give children without a home, and a family a “solid education, which will be the key to the future of Ghana.”


Senna and Sahil felt that this organization was worthy of some help, given the work that Mr. Emmanuel has put into it. They donated things that would benefit the up keeping and education in the school both short, and long term. They donated diapers, clothes, shoes, starch, rice, Nido, black boards and chalk. They also socialized with the children at the school for a good one-hour, to not only help through donations but through personal engagement. This experience made them feel like they were doing something good, and the satisfaction was a lot.


This experience has allowed for a stable relationship to be set up between Sahil and Senna and Activated School, which will allow for sustainable growth in the future. They will keep aiding this school, as it is one of the few organizations in Ghana at which the children are the ones who receive full attention, and donations. Mr. Emmanuel does so much to help these children, and it sometimes isn’t enough. Because of this, we must keep investing time and energy in this relationship not only for us to feel satisfaction, but to move Ghana forward.




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